Your Friend in IT

They were great! It was a good experience from the get-go. They’re super friendly and that means a lot to me, they never act like it’s a problem if we need help.

Ashley, President Local Supply Company

One Company That Understands

Working with Boyer Technologies means that we can rely on one company with the expertise to handle all our IT concerns. We know exactly who to call when we have an issue, and since we have worked with them for many years, they understand how we operate and what our specific business needs are.

Debbie, Owner Autism Center

A Partner For Your Business

Boyer Technologies is a valuable resource in keeping our IT infrastructure up to date, problem free and deliver top-notch Service.  They work closely with me in all aspects of our business.  I don’t need to spend a lot of time explaining when problems arise because of the close business relation we’ve developed through the years.  I know they can do the same for you.

Janet, IT Director International Manufacturing Company

Round The Clock Service

The single biggest benefit to us here is having someone available 24/7 that knows and understands our systems to fix any issues we may be experiencing.  It is always nice to know that when we need something looked at that we won’t be waiting for days for someone to get back with us.

Eric, Fire Chief Multi-Station Fire Department